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Witkop Safaris trading as Balkan Venture Safaris in Serbia

africansunA hunting expedition in Southern Africa is something every hunter should do at least once, during his or her lifetime. With its excellent infrastructure and vast availability of wild game species, South Africa offers the perfect setting to fulfill the hunter’s African dream. Contrary to popular belief, a South African hunting safari is very affordable, and Witkop Safaris stands, ready, willing, and able to make your dream a reality! So ... the question remains: “When are you coming?”

          Witkop Safaris and Game Ranch are nestled in the Free State Province of South Africa near the small town of Paul Roux. The ranch was established in 1992 and boasts some 28 game species, which have provided excellent hunting experiences for clients from all over the world.

          At Witkop, we maintain a network of experienced Professional hunters which gives us the depth to provide you with the service expected of a large outfitter, while still providing the personal service and attention to detail that we have come to be known for. All of our Professional Hunters have at least 15 years’ experience, well versed in hunting both Plains Game and the Big Five. We use well equipped and maintained vehicles and our recently completed Lodge provides first class accommodation.Witkop Safaris00007

          All of the plains game species such as Kudu, Zebra, Wildebeest, Hartebeest, Blesbok, and Springbok, to name only a few, as well as the Big Five can be hunted with Witkop Safaris on our many concessions throughout Southern Africa. Be warned, Big Game Hunting can be addictive. PLEASE CONTACT US TO RECEIVE OUR PROMOTIONAL DVD.

          Here at Witkop, you can hunt with rifle, bow, handgun, or black powder. In addition, we offer Wing Shooting opportunities in the form of upland bird hunting. The ranch is home to five species of Francolin, which can be hunted over Pointers; four water fowl species can be taken from blinds over decoys; driven guinea fowl can make for an enjoyable day as well as opportunities for excellent quality pigeon and dove hunting during the season. Our wing shooting is not high volume, but rather compliments and offers a change of pace during your stay. Except for Pigeons and Doves, we subscribe to wild bird bag limits as prescribed by the game regulations.

          Witkop Safaris offers high quality Dangerous game and plains game hunting opportunities. All of the plains game species that South Africa has to offer can be taken on our numerous concessions or the Witkop Ranch. We take special care to take only the highest quality trophies available. Witkop Safaris will make all arrangements for your hunt to include: permits, transfers, accommodation, meals, and sightseeing opportunities. Your entire safari will be tailor made to suit your individual and personal needs. It is our goal to make your African Hunting Safari the most memorable and unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Come hunt with us!

Whether it's Plains Game or Dangerous Game ... with Rifle or Bow ... Let our experienced  Professional Hunters make your African & Serbian Dreams come true!

Plains Game Hunting


Wing Shooting


    Wingshooting Witkop Safaris

Hunting in South Africa is done on a daily rate basis and the animals hunted will be charged additional as per the plains game pricelist. The total duration of the safari will depend on the different species that the hunter would like to hunt. Together with our clients we plan their hunting safaris to the last detail. For traditional plains game hunting a rifle or bow can be used and the package will be structured according to the needs of the client. The location of the hunt will depend on the species that the hunter would like to take.


Wing shooting will be done in the Free State Province of South Africa. This area is known for a big variety of birds and is the ideal habitat for upland birds, doves and pigeons.

Upland birds, Guinea-fowl and Francolin are flushed out of the long grass by walk-and-stalk method with trained dogs or beaters. Regarding Waterfowl, Ducks and Geese, the hunter will be put directly under the flight path in a hide or natural cover with the help of decoys in dams (lakes) or in grain fields where they feed.

Dangerous Game

Dangerous game 6


Lion with Witkop Safaris

Hunting of Big Five species is done either in South Africa or the neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana or Mozambique. These hunts are planned in detail with the client depending on the animals and area for the specific hunt.

All the prices and quotes for the dangerous game hunting safaris will be done on request after the specific requirements of the client has been determined.


     Before you head out on your Serbian adventure, Merna and I wanted to provide you some feedback regarding our time at Witkop.
 As you know Merna and I fly all over the world and sleep in a lot of different beds. Your bedding(mattress, and sheets were top notch and did not go unnoticed as to their comfort and quality, we are guessing Cynthia may have had some influence, please fwd our compliments!)     
Thank you for putting us up in a couples oriented room! With one large bed! Upon our arrival at our hotel n Cape Town we got a room with two single beds and I had to insist with the manager at the hotel that the situation was totally unacceptable! Small things like that make or

break a trip  read more..  

I have been hunting with Jess De Klerk of Witkop Safaris yearly since 2007............

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I had the great pleasure of hunting with Jess De Klerk of Witkop Safaris in April of 2013. I thoroughly enjoyed hunting with Jess, as well as spending time ......

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